Grades: Pre-K-1    Ages: 4-6    Children learn by playing with LEGO DUPLO blocks through the introduction of basic STEM ideas while having fun!


Grades: 2-4    Ages: 6-10*     On Explore teams, students begin to learn about the engineering process and scientific method while thinking about a real-world problem posed by the yearly theme.  Students also begin to design prototypes and begin coding using a LEGO Spike Essential.  If possible, students will participate in an Explore Fair to share their ideas and meet other FIRST LEGO League Teams in the West Tennessee Region.    


Grades: 4-8   Ages: 9-16*     In the Challenge division, students are divided into teams in order to build and program a robot that will complete various missions on the game mat.  They are also given a real-world problem that they research and work to solve with their very own innovation project.  Teams learn all about working together to prepare for a combination of Scrimmages, Qualifiers, and Championship competitions in the West Tennessee Region.

*A student’s date of birth as well as parent/coach input will help determine which Division best suits a student.

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